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Flights of two or more aircraft are more difficult to work - for both the Fisk controllers and the tower controllers. These flights are discouraged for the following reasons:

  • We base our procedures at Fisk upon "In-Trail" separation
  • It is difficult to for ATC to visually distinguish a flight from one aircraft "overtaking" another
  • It is more difficult for a flight to maneuver as needed/requested to achieve/maintain required in-trail spacing
  • It is more difficult for a flight to land and clear the runway (taking longer) than for individual aircraft in-trail.

The best way for you to be able to follow a companion aircraft to a specific runway is for all aircraft in the "flight" to:

  • Approach Fisk a minimum of 1/2 mile in-trail of the aircraft ahead via the FISK VFR arrival procedure starting at RIPON.
  • If traffic volume permits, approaching Ripon, advise ATC that you are a "flight of (number and type of aircraft) and position". ATC will make a reasonable attempt to accommodate you as a "flight". However, there are no guarantees!
  • Please be aware, if you identify yourself as a flight, those in the flight are responsible for separation within the flight.
  • If you are assigned a runway other than the runway you desire, and traffic volume is light, advise ATC. If traffic volume is heavy, do not attempt to request a different runway. Make plans with your companions prior to departure in case you are separated from one another upon your arrival at Oshkosh.
  • You are required to follow the ATC instructions, even if those instructions are different than your companion.

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