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Air Traffic Control

VFR Arrival Paths - Runway 27

The following routes have been developed for AirVenture to enable pilots to more easily navigate from Fisk to their assigned landing runway. The current active arrival runway(s) will be included on the AirVenture arrival ATIS on frequency 125.9 and via telephone at 866-493-5553.

Understanding Air Traffic Control at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

VFR Arrival Paths: Runway 9 | Runway 27 | Runways 18L / 18R | Runways 36L / 36R

Runway 27 (right downwind leg entry)

  • Depart Fisk following the railroad tracks northeast to join the RIGHT DOWNWIND for Runway 27.

  • Maintain 1,800' until entering the right downwind as there will be VFR aircraft departing Runway 27 climbing to 1,300' msl.
  • Enter the RIGHT DOWNWIND for Runway 27 inside the gravel pit located approximately 1/2-mile northwest of Wittman Regional Airport.
  • Be Alert! There may be IFR aircraft departing Runway 27 climbing through 1,800' msl!

larger view

larger view

  • Begin your descent not later than midfield!
  • Traffic permitting, and unless instructed otherwise, plan on turning right base for Runway 27 after passing the terminal building (large black building located at the northeast corner of the airport abeam the approach end of Runway 27) and inside the western shoreline of Lake Winnebago. If your downwind extends beyond the shoreline it makes it very difficult for the tower controllers to both see you and sequence you.
  • However, it is extremely important to wait until you have passed the Terminal Building before beginning your right base leg (large black building located at the northeast corner of airport).
  • The threshold of Runway 27 is displaced by 531'.
  • ATC may request that you land on a large Orange Dot or Green Dot painted on the runway. This allows for simultaneous arrivals and expedites the flow of traffic.
  • If a "Go-Around" is needed, NOTIFY ATC immediately for resequencing instructions!
  • The Orange and Green Dots are located 1,500' apart and remain the most frequently used landing areas on Runway 27. They are used to help us properly apply our reduced separation waiver for Category I and II aircraft.

The Orange Dot is now located approximately 1,000’
from the Runway 27 displaced threshold. Remaining 
runway length from this point is 4,600’.
larger view

The Green Dot is still located 1,500’ from 
the Orange Dot. Remaining 
runway length from this point is 3,050’.

larger view

You may also see a White Dot on 
the departure end of Runway 27. 
This is NOT to be used for 
Runway 27 arrivals.

larger view


Be prepared! The control instructions may change from what you were initially told. For instance, you may have been instructed to "land on the Orange Dot." This would have been issued if there was another aircraft ahead of you landing at the Green Dot, however by the time you reach the runway …

The other aircraft has exited the runway, therefore the controller may now instruct you to "land on the Green Dot," which will allow for another aircraft to land behind you (on the Orange Dot) and still provide for allowable runway separation.

These "last minute" adjustments may occur no matter what runway you land on. The only difference will be the description of the touchdown point (the Orange Dot or the Green Dot).

Stay alert for traffic ahead of you on final and also for any potential traffic that may be on a straight in or on a dog-leg left base (from Warbird Island).

If a "Go-Around" is needed, NOTIFY ATC immediately for resequencing instructions!


See the Exiting Runways section for details on what is to be expected of you once you have landed.

FUTURE AIRVENTURE DATES: 2014: July 28-Aug. 3; 2015: July 20-26; 2016: July 25-31; 2017: July 24-30
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