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Air Traffic Control

About the Controllers

The FAA has staffed a tower at the EAA convention since the 1960s. FAA Air Traffic personnel (including controllers, supervisors and managers) come from throughout the new Central Terminal Service Area (CTSA) to provide air traffic control (ATC) services each year.

With the exception of management team members with Sun 'n Fun experience, all ATC personnel come from FAA facilities within the 17-state Central Terminal Service Area (comprised of terminal facilities within the old FAA Great Lakes, Central and Southwest Regions). All together, 48 towers from 15 states are represented.

Controllers are normally limited to volunteering for a total of seven years at the EAA convention, to allow others a chance to volunteer for this temporary duty assignment.

The controllers are divided into teams of four persons each:

  • One Veteran controller serves as the "Team Leader" and another Veteran may work on the team as well. Each of these controllers will have three or more years of previous OSH experience.
  • At least one member of the team will have one to two years of OSH experience. This group is identified as the "Limited"
  • The final member of each team will be new to OSH and is identified as a "Rookie".

Tower cab - team

MOOCOW Team Fond du Lac

These teams stay together throughout the convention as they rotate through the control towers at OSH or FLD, FISK VFR Approach Control and the mobile departure platforms (known as MOOCOWs - which is short for MObile Operating and COmmunications Workstation).

Listed below is are the FAA administrative and management personnel for AirVenture, along with their home facilities:

Air Traffic Manager - OSH ATCT / FLD ATCT
Wanda L. Adelman - Milwaukee Mitchell (MKE)

Assistant Air Traffic Manager - OSH ATCT / FLD ATCT
Lynn McCarthy - Milwaukee Mitchell (MKE)

Operations Managers - OSH ATCT
Elaine Buckner - Minneapolis (MSP)
Mary Blake - Minneapolis (FCM)
Tim Fitzgerald - Chicago (ORD)
Boyd Martin - Orlando (F11)

Front Line Manager - FLD ATCT
Mike Howard - St Paul (STP)

Administrative Support
Tami Trevino - Madison (MSN)

Front Line Managers
Herbert Farron Collins - Lexington (LEX)
Jody Dowd - Houston (IAH)
Moses Eshkenazi - Miami (MIA)
Robert Florian - Grand Rapids (GRR)
Brian Gouldthorpe - Miami (MIA)
James Hovick - St Louis (STL)
Mark Irvin - St Louis (STL)
Craig Keech - Minneapolis (MSP)
Margit McKee - Chicago (MDW)
Ken Nowosatka - Des Moines (DSM)
Rick Polete - Evansville (EVV)
Erin Rausch - South Bend (SBN)
Dan Ricks - Detroit (DTW)
Grant Shinn - Houston (IAH)
Justin Strop - Minneapolis (FCM)
Kevin Sturgill - Dallas/Ft Worth (DFW)
Trent Tyler - Evansville (EVV)
Mike Yuska - Tampa (TPA)

FUTURE AIRVENTURE DATES: 2014: July 28-Aug. 3; 2015: July 20-26; 2016: July 25-31; 2017: July 24-30
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