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EAA's Learn to Fly Discovery Center

People pursuing the dream of becoming a pilot can receive inspiration, information, guidance, and a community of support at the Learn to Fly Center, which returns to EAA AirVenture this summer. EAA will have the area staffed with experts eager to answer questions and show skyward-gazing enthusiasts that the goal of personal flight is attainable.

“Our message to every prospective pilot is, ‘It’s easier than you think!’ Every pilot had to start somewhere, and there is no better place to discover the joy of learning to fly than at Oshkosh,” said Mark Forss, who coordinates the center.

The Learn to Fly Center will feature certificated flight instructors, volunteer pilots, and celebrity pilots making presentations, answering questions, and discussing the steps, training, knowledge, and skills required to pursue the world’s most exhilarating pastime - flying for fun. Think of it as a head start for prospective pilots, including a ground-school sessions and flight simulator experiences.

The Center also features information on sport pilot/light-sport aircraft, the EAA-led movement that significantly lowers the time commitment required to become a pilot, the cost of training, and the price of new aircraft. Sport pilot training applies toward more advanced certificates, so it’s a great way to get started in aviation for anyone - even those who ultimately want to advance and eventually become commercial pilots.

Although the Center will focus its attention on encouraging and equipping enthusiasts who are ready to take the first step, the flight instructors there will also be available to discuss all aspects of flight training, at all levels, with EAA members who stop by. In fact, EAAers are encouraged to also bring along a friend who might be interested in joining the piloting ranks.

The Learn To Fly Discovery Center is located on Celebration Way, just south of EAA's Welcome Center on the AirVenture grounds.


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