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EAA AirVenture Quilt Block Contest

There will not be a Quilt Block Contest for EAA AirVenture 2013.

Questions about the EAA Aviation Quilt Block Contest can be sent to Carol Stadler at stadler@att.net.

2012 Quilt Block Contest Results
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2009 Winners
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1st place
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First Place Winner
Name:  Vicky Murphy, San Bruno, CA
Title:  Tuskegee Red Tail

Story: The P-51 Mustang Red Tails were long-range, single-seat fighter planes used as bomber escorts during WWII in the European and Mediterranean theater. The Red Tails were flown exclusively by the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American aviators in the U.S. military. They painted the tail and nose of their airplanes red to distinguish themselves from other planes during formation. The Tuskegee Airmen were some of the best pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps and their excellence helped to educate military leaders, which resulted in the desegregation of all branches of the U.S. military in 1948 by President Harry S. Truman. As a result of their distinguished abilities, the Tuskegee Airmen were in high demand throughout the newly formed United States Air Force (est. 1947) and were instrumental in post-war.

I was inspired to make this block in honor of the Tuskegee Airmen and all the men and women who have served in our armed forces to keep America safe. The center of the block features a P-51 done in "Redwork," surrounded by "Birds in the Air" blocks.

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Second Place Winner
Name:  Andrew Johnson, Philips, WI
Title:  The Classics

Story: Derived from my passion for aviation as a pilot and aircraft mechanic, I was inspired to make this art quilt in memory of those who keep aviation alive. I would like to thank the EAA, aircraft mechanics, pilots, and all others who make aviation thrive. I had the privilege of knowing Dick James the owner of the P-51 Mustang (Donna-mite), while working on his plane and hope this art quilt honors his memory. I am inspired to keep that same passion Dick James had for aviation alive for years to come. I appreciate all the time and resources spent by those who have a passion for flying and who are determined to keep the past, present, and future of aviation going strong. God Bless.

Techniques used in fiber art: machine sewing, free motion quilting (regular sewing machine), hand sewing, appliqué, thread painting, acrylic painting, and inkjet printing on fabric.

Materials used in fiber art: hand dyed Egyptian cotton (dyed by Cinda Tollefson), recycled rubber from a bike tire tube (wheel and binding), and commercial fabrics.

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Third Place Winner
Name:  Deborah Charles Dreher, Westfield, NJ
Title:  Honoring the Tuskegee Airmen

Story: In 1941 at Moton Field in Tuskegee, Alabama, the U.S. Army Air Corps established the first African-American military aviators in the U.S. armed forces. Over the next several years 996 African-American men became pilots and another 15,000 were ground personnel. Among their many accomplishments, Tuskegee fighter groups escorted bombers to and from targets in Europe. Serving their nation these Tuskegee airmen flew with distinction earning an amazing record of flying 220 escort missions and never losing a bomber to enemy fighters. Flying North American P-51 Mustangs the famous group painted the tails of their planes red, becoming known as the "Redtail Angels."

4th place
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Fourth Place Winner
Name:  Dorothy S. Pearson, Villanova, PA
Title:  Sky Dancing

Story: FAR 91.303 defines aerobatic flight as intentional maneuvering involving abrupt change in aircraft attitude, abnormal attitude, or acceleration not necessary for normal flight. Pilots at Oshkosh put their aerobatic planes through aileron rolls, Cuban eights, barrel rolls, chandelles, hammerheads, stalls, inverted flight, spins, and steep dives pulling out just above the runway, trailing smoke to enhance visual appearance. For me, aerobatic flight looks like dancing in the sky.

When we first saw the air show at Oshkosh my husband and I wondered what it was like when pilots put their planes through all these beautiful maneuvers. Then my husband took a flight in a World War II Texan trainer plane from Kissimmee Airport for aerobatic maneuvers. His first aileron roll he thought he was going to die. After the second he was hooked. He says it is thrilling to dive at the road below at 200 knots and pull out of a barrel roll right on course. For me, I would rather watch the sky dancing from solid ground.

5th place
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Fifth Place Winner
Name:  Anke Olesen, Webster, WI
Title:  Family Gathering

Story: It's EAA AirVenture time again and Wittman Field becomes the busiest airport in the world for a week. The airplanes are swooping into the traffic pattern at Oshkosh. Attention is drawn to the airplane with the number N475PV. It represents our family built RV-10. Another airplane, N6604W, represents my father-in-law's Cherokee 140. Grandpa Vic started coming to the fly-in with us when our son was three. They developed a special bond over the years and looked forward to this week together. Sadly, Grandpa Vic died on April 7, 2005, before we had the RV-10 finished. When you build your own plane the FAA allows you to have a specific N-number for it. N475PV is a flying memorial to a man who let my husband learn to fly at 18, but was reluctant to let him get a driver's license!

6th place
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Sixth Place Winner
Name:  Debbie Schroder, Moline, IL
Title:  Bahamas Treasure Hunt

Story: We have flown Air Journey's Bahamas Treasure Hunt three times. It is our favorite place to fly. I tried to capture the sparkle of the island waters in this block. Only God can capture its real beauty! It is truly a paradise trip in a private airplane.

For a couple of older fliers, if we can do this, any pilot with VFR or better training can do it.

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