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August Raspet Memorial Award

Since 1960, the Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award has been presented every year to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of light aircraft design.

The award is named for the late Dr. August "Gus" Raspet, a professor at Mississippi State University and avid light aircraft enthusiast. Raspet was instrumental in elevating the aeronautical engineering program at Mississippi A&M College, as it was originally known, into one of the nation's preeminent aerophysics research centers. The Raspet Flight Research Laboratory in Starkville, Miss. - a tribute to all of his efforts - was completed in 1962.

The first recipient of the award was John Thorp, Lockheed engineer on the Little Dipper and Big Dipper, and designer of the Thorp Aviation Sky Skooter. Since then the list of people honored reads like a Who's Who of aircraft design. 

Past Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award winners:

1960    John Thorp
1961    Steve Wittman
1962    Ray Stits
1963    Dr. Alexander Lippisch
1964    Richard E. Schreder
1965    None awarded
1966    Edgar Lesher
1967    None awarded
1968    Peter Bowers
1969    Curtiss Pitts
1970    Ladislao Pazmany
1971    Jim Bede
1972    Bernard Pietenpol
1973    Bob Bushby
1974    Paul Poberezny
1975    M. B. "Molt" Taylor
1976    Burt Rutan
1977    Lou Stolp
1978    Chris Heintz
1979    John Monnett
1980    Dick VanGrunsven
1981    Antonio "Tony" Bingelis
1982    Dick Wagner
1983    Mike Smith
1984    B. J. Schramm
1985    Tom Hamilton
1986    Mark D. Brown, Star-Lite Aircraft
1987    Lance Neibauer
1988    Homer Kolb
1989    Jim Griswold
1990    John Roncz
1991    Dan Denney
1992    Alan and Dale Klapmeier
1993    CAFE Foundation (Accepted by Brien Seeley)
1994    Paul Fiduccia, Small Aircraft Manufacturers Association
1995    Ivan Shaw, Europa Aircraft
1996    Stoddard-Hamilton GlaStar Design Team
1997    Jim Rahm/Al Joniec
1998    Dan Wilson
1999    RotorWay International
2000    Rotary Air Force
2001    Harry Riblett
2002    Randy Schlitter
2003    Pete Buck
2004    Phil Lockwood
2005    Chuck Bilbe and Jim Younkin
2006    Gordon Pratt and Ricardo Price/Chelton Flight Systems
2007    Greg Toman
2008    Randall Fishman
2009    Rodney Stiff
2010    Ken Krueger
2011    James Wiebe
2012    Michael Coates
2013    BRP Rotax Engines

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