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EAA AirVenture Today is published by the Experimental Aircraft Association for EAA AirVenture from July 27 - August 3. It is distributed free on the convention grounds as well as other locations in Oshkosh and surrounding communities. Stories and photos are copyrighted 2008 by EAA AirVenture Today and EAA. Reproduction by any means is prohibited without written consent.


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The official daily newspaper of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

Volume 9, Number 1 July 27, 2008     

  • Welcome to Oshkosh
    Every year, hundreds of thousands of aviation enthusiasts from around the globe gather in Oshkosh to celebrate and promote their passion — aviation in all its forms. During this special time of the year, Oshkosh serves as the epicenter of the aviation industry as aircraft manufacturers and aviation-related companies unveil their latest airplanes, avionics, and other products.  Read more

  • Plenty to do at AirVenture after dark
    After long days of programs, presentations, announcements, shopping, and of course, aircraft, AirVenture visitors will have many options for their evening activities. This year AirVenture after dark will feature aviation personalities, innovators, musical entertainment, comedy entertainment, and aviation movies. There’s certainly not a lack of things to do after the sun goes down, and it’s all on convention grounds included with regular EAA AirVenture admission. 
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  • Discover frugal flight at Affordable Flying Center
    Rising fuel prices, maintenance expenses, hangar fees, the cost of an aircraft; pursuing a passion for aviation may appear beyond reach for a lot of people. But EAA has always been about finding a better way to do things, primarily through pooling and sharing knowledge and information. That’s essentially what’s behind an attraction set to debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008, the Affordable Flying Center.  Read more

  • Where do these names come from?
    There’s nothing else like it in the world. EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is an air show, a trade show, an educational workshop, and most of all, the biggest family reunion of aviation enthusiasts.
      Read more

  • Are you ready for some Foreigner?
    AeroShell Square will once again be rockin’ on EAA AirVenture’s opening day when the legendary band Foreigner takes the stage following the afternoon air show, courtesy of Ford Motor Company. The performance, free of charge to all AirVenture guests that day, will begin at 5:30 p.m. adjacent to the Ford Motor Company Hangar on AeroShell Square.  Read more

  • Comedian Jeff Dunham to perform Wednesday
    If you haven’t seen comedian Jeff Dunham perform in the past several years, where have you been? The master ventriloquist, featuring his hilarious "suitcase posse" cast of characters, has two top-selling DVDs (Arguing With Myself and Spark of Insanity have reached combined sales of 2 million), numerous top-rated Comedy Central specials, sold-out national tours, and YouTube clips that have generated an estimated 100 million hits. Tonight Show host Jay Leno calls Dunham "the best there is."  Read more

  • KidVenture marks 10th anniversary
    Kids love airplanes! The proof is in EAA AirVenture’s KidVenture area, which in 10 years has grown eleven fold since first opening in 1999. Organizers are looking to build on that success at KidVenture’s home on EAA’s Pioneer Airport this year. Read more

  • Other things to do in Oshkosh
    We know you’re in town for AirVenture, but there are plenty of other things to do on your down time in Oshkosh.  Read more

  • Free Wi-Fi expanded in campgrounds
    EAA is supplying one of the most-requested items for AirVenture campers by expanding free wireless Internet access. You can now log on in many areas of the North 40 aircraft camping area, the drive-in Camp Scholler campground, and in the vintage aircraft and ultralight camping areas.  Read more

  • Member Village now Welcome Center
    For the past several years, EAA AirVenture’s Member Village has served as a central location for EAAers to go and discover all the benefits that come with their membership. This year that area, located at the corner of Knapp Street Road and the taxiway running to the west of AeroShell Square, becomes the EAA Welcome Center. Along with providing the high level of services to EAAers, the Welcome Center will also serve as a resource to all AirVenture attendees looking to learn more about EAA and AirVenture.   Read more

  • Another ‘outstanding lineup’ for Warbirds in Review
    See legendary military aircraft and insider perspectives from their owners and pilots during twice-daily Warbirds in Review presentations. Times are 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., just south of the Warbirds Café near the EAA Ford Tri-Motor and Warbirds of America areas.   Read more

  • Free SPOT satellite messenger offer
    EAA members attending EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 can get a free SPOT satellite messenger through an exclusive offer from SPOT Inc. available only at Oshkosh. SPOT Inc. will provide a free messenger to current EAA members free of charge (a $169.99 value) when they subscribe to a one-year satellite service package for $149.98 at AirVenture.  Read more

  • Farewell to ‘The (Original) World’s Busiest Control Tower’
    If there was just one landmark you had to name at AirVenture Oshkosh, more likely than not it would be Wittman Regional Airport’s control tower. Built in 1962, the aged brick and mortar icon has more than stood the test of time. It has served as a no-brainer rendezvous location (I’ll meet you at the control tower), a natural point of reference (We’re about two blocks north of the control tower), and ritual backdrop to undoubtedly millions of snapshots over the years. Just type "Oshkosh Control Tower" into Google’s image search and see what you come up with. Read more

  • Many lives of the Hunter
    It’s glossy black, supersonic, computerized, and in the Warbird area at AirVenture this year. Steve Appleton’s two-place Hawker Hunter began life in 1955 as a single-seat Mark IV derivative of this British jet of undisputed aesthetics. Round two for this Hunter came with a factory rebuild by Hawker into a side-by-side trainer for the Singapore Air Force, circa 1971. Now, roaring out of Boise, Idaho, this Hunter uses two PC computers onboard to operate engine controls, hydraulics, fuel, and the electrical system.   Read more

  • A tale of patience: Making of The Flight of the Gossamer Condor
    There’s no doubt Ben Shedd is persistent and patient. That’s the only way you can explain how the film The Flight of the Gossamer Condor came to be.  Read more

  • Type clubs meeting this week in Oshkosh
    EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is the annual gathering place for aviation enthusiasts, so it’s only natural that many type clubs also hold special events, dinners, and meetings in and around Oshkosh throughout the week. Listed below are the meetings and gatherings scheduled during EAA AirVenture 2008. Read more

  • Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band
    EAA Warbirds of America and the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) have partnered to bring actor/director/musician Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band to EAA AirVenture for a special concert performance on Friday, August 1, at 7:30 p.m.  Read more

  • EAA Radio celebrates 12 years
    On the grounds and around the world, EAA Radio brings AirVenture Oshkosh to you 24/7 at 1210 AM, on 100.5 FM, and www.AirVenture.org/radio/. Now in its 12th year, EAA Radio allows you to be a part of The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration even if you’re half a world away. Read more

  • Ann Criswell to receive Award
    If you look up volunteer in any Oshkosh dictionary, it should say Ann Criswell. That’s because the Bettendorf, Iowa, woman has volunteered for 37 years in countless places both before and during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. For her decades of dedication, she will receive the Dorothy Hilbert Volunteer Award on Sunday, August 3, fittingly at the annual volunteer wind-down party. The award honors a female EAA volunteer who exhibits the same passion, dedication, and devotion for volunteerism as did the late Dorothy Hilbert. 
    Read more

  • Hatz 40 for the 40th
    Usually less than 10 Hatz biplanes show up at Oshkosh in a given year, but 2008 will deviate from that norm for the 40th anniversary of the CB-1 design that was created by the late John Hatz of Gleason, Wisconsin, and first flown in 1968. Read more

  • An ‘electric’ atmosphere at AirVenture
    EAA AirVenture Oshkosh has been and will continue to be the cradle of aviation innovation. This year things will be especially "electric," as members of the electric-powered aircraft forefront will gather to discuss this new and exciting emerging technology at the Electric Aircraft Forum on Thursday, July 31, at Honda Pavilion 7, from 2:30 to 3:45 p.m.  Read more

  • Attention shoppers! Exhibitors bring wares to AirVenture
    It’s not only the world’s biggest air show. EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 is also the world’s largest aviation shopping mall, thanks to the hundreds of manufacturers and distributors that showcase the latest and greatest in aviation products and services here every year. The transformation of empty exhibition hangars and fallow display areas into an aviation shopper’s paradise happens almost overnight. Read more

  • Around the Field
    Welcome to Oshkosh. For all the AirVenture early birds who arrive on "day zero," there are hundreds of volunteers who have been here for days, and even weeks, preparing the grounds and getting ready.  Read more

  • Second EAA Runway 5K set for Saturday
    EAA, the Oshkosh YMCA, and Run Away Shoes are hosting the second annual EAA Runway 5K fun run/walk on Saturday, August 2, near the world famous North 40. Participants of all ages will walk or run the 3.1-mile route around Wittman Road, with proceeds to benefit the Oshkosh YMCA and EAA joint youth programs. Read more

  • Ask Tom
    Tom Richards will answer your questions in AirVenture Today throughout the week. Please drop your questions (with your name and where you are from) off at the AirVenture Today office located near the old FAA control tower and the First Aid Station or via e-mail to asktom_airventure@hotmail.com and he will do his darndest to answer them.  Read more

  • NASA highlights past and future
    They’re the Energizer bunnies of space exploration, the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity. The golf-cart sized robotic vehicles have been roaming the Martian landscape for more than four years. Read more

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