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EAA AirVenture Today is published by the Experimental Aircraft Association for EAA AirVenture from July 27 - August 3. It is distributed free on the convention grounds as well as other locations in Oshkosh and surrounding communities. Stories and photos are copyrighted 2008 by EAA AirVenture Today and EAA. Reproduction by any means is prohibited without written consent.


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Volume 9, Number 2 July 28, 2008     

  • EAA fuels your passion for flight
    On behalf of EAA members worldwide, welcome to the56th annual fly-in convention of the EAA. Known far and wide as the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration, most people refer to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh by the name of its hometown…Oshkosh. Read more
  • Brought to you by Ford Motor Co. ...
    Ford Motor Company’s incredible lineup of activities and features span the week—and the grounds—at AirVenture Oshkosh this year. Check out at the Ford Hangar, located just off AeroShell Square. Read more
  • See new products for first time
    Each year virtually all the businesses involved in general aviation, coming from places all over the globe, gather here at the Word’s Greatest Aviation Celebration to present their wares. This is the perfect stage for manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and others to announce all that is new and improved in what they offer for aviation buyers. Read more
  • Watch for arrival of some rare birds
    EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 presents an opportunity found nowhere else in the world. That is the opportunity to see flying examples of almost any aircraft type and, in some cases, almost any color. Read more
  • If your aircraft breaks down ...
    If your aircraft breaks, or if something comes "unglued" while you’re here at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008, you can find help at the Emergency Aircraft Repair building, located between the Vintage camping area and the Ultralight area, on the south end of the AirVenture grounds.  Read more
  • Best Bets
    Highlights for Monday, July 28 and Tuesday, July 29. Read more
  • Persistence pays off for mass-arrival organizers
    Rod Swanson has been coming to EAA AirVenture for some time. He, like many others, makes the annual trip to establish and re-establish the friendships that are such a large part of this gathering. Read more
  • Bonanzas mark unofficial AirVenture start
    It was about as official of an unofficial start to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 as there could be. Bonanzas to Oshkosh (B2Osh), the organization that started group formation flights to the fly-in now mimicked by Mooneys, Cessnas, and Comanches, arrived at AirVenture with 92 aircraft early Saturday afternoon. The parade of Bonanzas taxiing to their tie-down spots in the North 40 is a perennial indicator that the world’s largest aviation gathering is about to begin.  Read more
  • Mooneys take caravan to AirVenture
    They’re fast, fuel efficient, and punctual: Forty-five Mooneys participating in the 11th annual Mooney Caravan arrived at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 at precisely 4 p.m. Saturday, "right at the time the FAA gave us," flight leader Bill Rabek said.  Read more
  • EAA to honor milestone 30,000th homebuilt
    The homebuilt movement has reached a major milestone—30,000 amateur-built aircraft certificated in the United States! That’s a quarter of the general aviation fleet, and what better place to celebrate that achievement than at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Read more
  • WomenVenture promotes women in all areas of aviation
    Women aviators from around the world will have several opportunities to encourage other women to explore the limitless possibilities of flight at AirVenture this year. They may even wind up being part of a world record!  Read more
  • House members to hold public forum
    Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Aviation Subcommittee arrive early today for a public forum at 11:30 a.m. in Utah Valley University Pavilion 6. It will be an opportunity for you to learn about current legislative issues relating to general aviation, and to ask questions of the House members. Doug Macnair, EAA’s vice president for government affairs, will moderate the forum.  Read more
  • Free SPOT satellite messenger offer for EAA members
    EAA members attending EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 can get a free SPOT satellite messenger through an exclusive offer from SPOT Inc. available only at Oshkosh. SPOT Inc. will provide a free messenger to current
    EAA members free of charge (a $169.99 value) when they subscribe to a one-year satellite service package for $149.98 at AirVenture.  Read more
  • Extra Aircraft’s new racing plane
    Extra Aircraft is showing its latest addition to the aerobatic lineup this week, the single-seat EA-330SC. Piloted by David Martin, the new 1,270-pound, experimental exhibition EA-330SC is powered by a 320-hp Lycoming AEIO-580 engine with a new model MT propeller.  Read more
  • XM Weather launches Aviator Pro
    XM Satellite Radio announced Aviator Pro, XM WX Satellite Weather’s latest real-time weather data package. The comprehensive data package introduces brand new valuable weather data services for all pilots, especially those in the business and commercial aviation industries. Aviator Pro will be available for the first time at AirVenture 2008. Read more
  • HotSeat Chassis helps Young Eagles
    HotSeat Chassis will be lending its charitable support to the Young Eagles program by donating a Surround Sound Flight Simulation chassis to the Gathering of Eagles dinner and auction, Thursday July 31. HotSeat Chassis will also have a variety of Surround Sound Simulation chassis on display at AirVenture, including its new low-cost Motion Based Platform.  Read more
  • PS Engineering launches new audio panel
    PS Engineering has added a new player to its product line, the PMA8000B-MP3. This audio control panel incorporates all of the capability of the enormously popular PMA8000B, but adds an internal MP3 player that stores up to 1 gigabyte of music.  Read more
  • MASA Shows Portable Communications and Broadcast System
    Imagine a technology system capable of providing communication to any place on the planet from any place on the planet that can fit inside two suitcases. GATR Technologies of Huntsville, Alabama, developed a satellite communication system to support organizations such as the Mission Aviation Support Association (MASA), for communication services. Read more
  • Win a Bullitt in Young Eagles raffle!
    Remember that awesome chase scene in the movie Bullitt starring Steve McQueen? The one where he drives a '68 Ford Mustang GT through the streets of San Francisco and outlying highways in pursuit of the bad guys? It's commonly called one of the greatest chase scenes in motion picture history. Read more
  • Bendix/King AV8OR, Apex Edge Series announced
    Bendex/King by Honeywell, a well-known manufacturer of aircraft navigation and safety systems, has announced three new portable avionics for general aviation pilots at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008. Dubbed the AV8OR Series, these new devices include a variety of powerful, portable GPS navigation solutions. The series includes the AV8OR Handheld multi-function display and two synthetic-vision-equipped portable cockpit information systems—the AV8OR Horizon 3D and AV8OR Vision 3D.  Read more
  • Growing up AirVenture
    Having attended EAA AirVenture Oshkosh every year for as long as he’s lived, Joe Honeck, 17, said it’s more than a tradition; it’s "just natural."  Read more
  • NASA marks first half-century
    NASA turns 50 this year. And like a lot of people who reach middle age, the U.S. aerospace agency is not only looking forward to the future, but also taking a look back at its legacy. Read more
  • Partnership gathers at Federal Pavilion
    For the 18th consecutive year, U.S., Bahamian, and Canadian government agencies will form the International Federal Partnership (IFP) at EAA AirVenture’s Federal Pavilion, located along the flightline north of the old control tower. Read more
  • Congressional leaders visit AirVenture to inform federal policy
    Congressional leaders will be on site at AirVenture to discuss key policy issues with members today during a forum at 11:30 a.m. in the Utah Valley University Pavilion 6.  Read more
  • Nanchang import capitalizes on a Chinese warbird
    The Nanchang CJ-6 started life a half-century ago as a simple, rugged trainer for Chinese air force pilots. Lighter than a T-6 Texan and in the same general category as the beloved American T-34 trainer, the CJ-6 fills a practical niche in the stable of warbirds.  Read more
  • AirVenture ‘Water Birds’ Splash-In to Oshkosh
    Nestled deep in the trees on a picturesque cove along the Lake Winnebago shore is a hidden treasure of AirVenture—the EAA Seaplane Base. For one week, these 27 acres of woods and fields are the center of activity for those with an interest in water-based aviation. It’s a place AirVenture visitors should try to get to during their stay. Read more
  • Founders’ Wing to showcase EAA history
    Other people are called packrats when they refuse to throw anything out. But EAA founder Paul Poberezny is being hailed a historian.  Read more
  • The biggest little approach control in the world
    If you fly VFR into EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, your first point of contact with Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a small group of controllers perched on a grassy hillside a few air miles southwest of Wittman Field. At Fisk Control, approach controllers ensure proper spacing of aircraft and direct each aircraft to a specific active runway. Read more
  • Compass Hill celebration scheduled for Wednesday morning
    Visit the new brick installation celebration Wednesday morning at Compass Hill. Read more
  • AEA’s 2008 Pilot’s Guide to Avionics to debut at EAA AirVenture
    The Aircraft Electronics Association’s 2008/2009 edition of the Pilot’s Guide to Avionics debuts at EAA AirVenture 2008. The Pilot’s Guide is available at no charge to pilots, avionics technicians, AEA members, and attendees of EAA AirVenture.  Read more
  • EAA Founder kicks off Warbirds in Review
    What better way to open this year’s Warbirds in Review program series than with EAA Founder and Chairman Paul Poberezny. Paul will be featured with EAA’s P-51 Paul I, an airplane he flew in air shows for many years.  Read more
  • Around the Field
    Adam from Gaithersburg, Maryland, John from Rhode Island, a reluctant red dragon, and a 9-year-old’s third visit to AirVenture. What caught my attention was the red dragon on the tail. Read more
  • Jet sentinels greet Warbird visitors
    A quiet lineup of Cold War jets at the west end of the Warbird area at AirVenture 2008 speaks volumes about their era. The straight-wing Republic F-84C Thunderjet represents a breed of fighter that briefly held a U.S. speed record—611 mph—in 1946. Cruising at 436 mph, well above the speeds of World War II piston-engine fighters, the F-84 would nonetheless be eclipsed by the advent of sweptwing jets to follow.  Read more
  • Sign up for Saturday's EAA Runway 5K
    EAA, the Oshkosh YMCA, and Run Away Shoes are hosting the second annual EAA Runway 5K fun run/walk on Saturday, August 2, near the world famous North 40. Participants of all ages will walk or run the 3.1-mile route around Wittman Road, with proceeds to benefit the Oshkosh YMCA and EAA joint youth programs.  Read more
  • See unveiling of new Flight Design LSA
    Don’t miss the unveiling of EAA’s new sweepstakes airplane on AeroShell Square. The aircraft, the all-new Flight Design MC, will arrive today and pull into AeroShell Square at 12:30 p.m. for an unveiling and news conference. This Flight Design aircraft will be named as the 2008/2009 Sweepstakes aircraft. Afterwards, the Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) will go to the Flight Design exhibit (Main Aircraft Display Area 5, 6, 12, 13). Read more
  • Ask Tom
    Tom Richards will answer your questions in AirVenture Today throughout the week. Please drop your questions (with your name and where you are from) off at the AirVenture Today office located near the old FAA control tower and the First Aid Station or via e-mail to asktom_airventure@hotmail.com and he will do his darndest to answer them. Read more

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