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Volume 9, Number 3 July 29, 2008     

Dash for a cure: Garratt, Foy going for world record
Carol Foy, left, and CarolAnn Garratt will fly around the world in seven days in hopes of raising $1 million for ALS research.

For most people, weeks fly by. But for CarolAnn Garratt and Carol Foy one week in early December will literally do that. The two will fly 140 hours over 22 countries, making only seven short stops, in an effort to set a new around-the-world record for single-engine aircraft.

Garratt and Foy know it isn’t going to be easy, but their research has showed them it is possible. The two will get a taste of just how difficult it will be, however, when they take part in a simulation, spending 24 hours in their plane parked outside the Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association tent on Knapp Street Road at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008.

The two are determined, paying for the trip on their own and hoping to raise $1 million for ALS research. The fatal neurodegenerative disease, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, killed Garratt’s mother. But Foy also has a connection to the disease, with a cousin diagnosed with the disease. Already more than $116,000 has been pledged.

The simulation will go from 4 p.m. Wednesday to 4 p.m. Thursday, and they’ll stay in the plane and be available to talk to passersby if the windows or doors are open. And if the curtains are closed? "We’ll be simulating IFR or potty training," Garratt says, laughing.

If they are to make only seven two-hour stops on their trip, it means that they will have to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom on the plane. "It comes down to being creative," said Foy, a past winner of the Air Race Classic. They’ll mainly eat nutrition bars and stay hydrated drinking water or sports drinks. They’ll take turns sleeping in the seats, although they don’t recline much.

Dash for the Cure
A world-record around-the-world attempt to raise awareness and money for ALS - also known as' Lou Gehrig's Disease.'
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How to go to the bathroom creates the biggest problem, and it’s one they are still working out. Foy said they’re looking at a relief tube and a device that is anatomically correct. Or they may have to use a Lady Jane like Garratt used in her earlier round-the-world trip.

Garratt has flown around the world in a Mooney before, and wrote about that seven-month trip in a book, "Upon Silver Wings." The two will also write a book documenting this trip and preparations.

Garratt said she was actually planning for a three-year around-the-world trip when she came up with the idea of the seven-day one. "I’m taking care of my 85-year-old dad. I’d never be able to do it and leave him for three yeas, but I could put him in assisted living for seven days."

So she started doing some research, figuring out the best way across the Pacific, teamed up with Foy, and together the two refined the route and logistics. Their planned route will take them from San Diego, to Hawaii, Guam, Thailand, Oman, a stop in Africa, Cape Verde, and to Orlando, Foy said. The longest leg will be 3,300 nautical miles from Cape Verde to Orlando.

Individuals, groups and businesses can sponsor a mile of their trip for $10 or a stop for $5,000. For more information or to donate, go to www.alsworldflight.com. Donations are also being accepted at the MAPA and Mooney exhibits.

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