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Avions Caudron C.460

1929 Hamilton Metalplane

Jack Kearby’s S.E.5a Replica

Vintage Aero Flying Museum's WWI replicas

Vintage aircraft enthusiasts are anticipating a veritable treasure trove of classics at AirVenture Oshkosh 2010. Among the pioneering aircraft scheduled to appear is an original Hamilton H-47 Metalplane, plus replicas of a 1909 Bleriot XI, Avions Caudron C.460, and five warbirds from World War I that will be a part of the week-long "Salute to Veterans" commemoration.

"As always at AirVenture, history will be on full display through vintage aircraft," said Adam Smith, EAA vice president of membership. "These re-creations are products of a vision, hard work encompassing thousands of hours, and a passion for keeping the spirit of these pioneers alive for aviation enthusiasts to enjoy for generations to come."

Building of the replica 1909 Bleriot XI monoplane, the same model Louis Bleriot flew over the English Channel more than 100 years ago, was completed recently after three years of work by EAA staff and volunteers. The engine is an original three-cylinder radial Anzani "Fan-Type" (W-3), originally built in 1910 and re-built by EAA volunteers. During the past two conventions, the Anzani was fired up during daily engine runs in the EAA Workshops area while volunteers worked on the airframe in a nearby tent.

Another replica with French ties, an Avions Caudron C.460 racer, will appear for the first time after its completion in 2009. Mark Lightsey and his colleagues at Aerocraftsman, Inc., along with recent graduates of the Wathen Aviation High School in Riverside, California, built the aircraft, which was funded by EAA President's Council member Tom Wathen. The sleek replica is the same size and design to the original, which flew for the first time in 1934. The only change is the engine, which is a Czech 260 hp LOM M337CE in place of the original 6-cylinder Renault Bengali.

The one-of-a-kind Hamilton H-47 Metalplane, recently purchased at auction by Seattle businessman Howard Wright III for $671,000, will appear at AirVenture as the only surviving airworthy version of 29 built. The 1929 aircraft underwent a three-year restoration that finished in 1975 and features a Pratt & Whitney Hornet engine. It won the Reserve Grand Champion Antique award during that year's EAA Fly-In, as well as other prestigious awards.

"It's been 35 years since the Hamilton Metalplane was displayed in the Antique parking area during the EAA Convention, and we're pleased that Mr. Wright has decided to share the airplane with AirVenture attendees before the airplane is moved to the northwestern United States," said H.G. Frautschy, EAA Vintage Aircraft Association executive director. "The Hamilton will be parked in the vicinity of the VAA's Red Barn headquarters, just south of AeroShell Square."

Attendees will also have the opportunity to see five World War I replicas, including four courtesy of Vintage Aero Flying Museum of Hudson, Colo. – a Fokker Dr.1 triplane, Fokker D.VII, Fokker D.VIII, and a 7/8-scale Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a. Additionally, a sampling of artifacts, including uniforms, decorations, and logbooks, from both sides of the war also will be displayed.

They will join the S.E.5a replica already in Oshkosh. Jack Kearby, who spent almost 12,000 hours over six years creating this replica, flew the famous World War I fighter from Tulsa, Okla., into EAA's Pioneer Airport on May 27. The replica features some original parts, including a Vickers machine gun, landing gear wheel rims, windshield, and a WWI-era Hisso engine.

FUTURE AIRVENTURE DATES: 2014: July 28-Aug. 3; 2015: July 20-26; 2016: July 25-31; 2017: July 24-30
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