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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed ElectraFlyer Could Enter Three Planes in EAA Electric Flight Prize
ElectraFlyer C
ElectraFlyer C
ElectraFlyer X
ElectraFlyer X

Editor's Note: The $60,000 Electric Flight Prize has been postponed until EAA AirVenture 2012.

Randall Fishman, who first demonstrated his ElectraFlyer C at AirVenture 2008, has entered the aircraft in the EAA $60,000 Electric Flight Prize to be held at AirVenture Oshkosh 2011. He also has two other entries in development that may appear: the single-place ElectraFlyer ULS, made of composite materials and featuring a new motor; and a two-place ElectraFlyer X, designed as an LSA-eligible aircraft with a 49-foot wingspan and a water-cooled 50-hp brushless electric motor.

Fishman flew his first electric-powered aircraft - a weight-shift trike -at AirVenture 2007 and won the grand champion and innovation award in the ultralight category. In 2008 he was presented with the Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award for developing and flying the ElectraFlyer C.

ElectraFlyer C
The ElectraFlyer C is Fishman's conversion of a single-place, all-metal Moni motor glider into a small, efficient electric airplane. He used the ElectraFlyer propulsion parts kit and large battery pack (which are available for purchase), custom-built to fit the available space in the airplane and mated it to a larger, slower-turning-but-much-more-efficient propeller to increase static thrust by 60 percent. It cruises at 70 mph (max: 90) and has a 1-1/2 hour flight duration.

ElectraFlyer X
The two-place ElectraFlyer X has not yet flown but development of the LSA-eligible airplane (provided the FAA grants an exemption allowing electric aircraft in the category) will employ a 50-hp, water-cooled brushless electric motor. The wings, which have a 49-foot wingspan, are removable so the T-tailed aircraft can fit into a standard T-hangar. A 30-to-1 glide ratio is claimed, and Fishman is shooting for a two-hour flight duration. Fishman expects to market the composite airplane as a kit.

ElectraFlyer ULS
Fishman referred to the ULS as a "testbed" for the new motor, which he called a low-rpm (2300), high-torque motor. "It's an all-composite, single-seat motor glider," he said. The motor is a large diameter (9-1/2 inches in diameter by 3-1/2 inches thick) that generates 30 hp for takeoffs and 20 hp continuous. There are as of yet no images available of the ElectraFlyer ULS.

Fishman is currently designing an all composite two-place experimental aircraft that will be available for series production in kit form. Check the company's website for the latest news about these upcoming projects.

Three flight competitions, along with electric aircraft innovation evaluations, will take place during AirVenture with a total of $60,000 at stake for winners of each category as well as the overall winner of the Electric Flight Competition. The prizes and support for the competition come from Wicks Aircraft Supply, Dynon Avionics, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, and AeroLEDs - four companies active in the sport aviation community.


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