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Call it “Extreme Makeover: Bonanza Edition.”

Hawker Beechcraft chose AirVenture 2011 to showcase a factory-upgrade program for Bonanzas that can transform a Model 33, 35, or 36 into what the company calls a Bonanza Extra.

Yesterday the company showed off the rejuvenating powers of the restoration to AirVenture Today in a brief local flight in its demo aircraft, N3236V, a 1985 A36.

“We wanted to offer our current customers more performance, comfort, and safety,” said Tim Glaser, manager of sales/aftermarket development, prior to the flight.

The Bonanza Extra program offers owners an a la carte menu of upgrades: avionics, interior appointments, powerplant and propeller, environmental systems, and additional fuel capacity.

Hawker Beechcraft Senior Sales Demonstration Pilot Dan Johnson pointed out the upgrades installed on 36V.

For performance, the Extra program offers the same engine found in new production A36 Bonanzas—the Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) Special Edition IO-550. The tighter tolerances and balanced components deliver more efficiency while reducing noise and vibration. A three-blade Hartzell scimitar propeller further reduces noise and vibration while improving both climb and cruise performance.

HBC built the avionics upgrade around Garmin’s G500 system, which combines primary flight display and multifunction display and offers optional synthetic vision. Owners may opt to keep other legacy avionics—or upgrade them, as well.

The Aviation Design Interior can turn a vintage cabin into a factory new look-alike. The upgraded seats incorporate comfortable, energy-absorbing material developed for the U.S. space program, and side panels with inset armrests increase cabin volume.

D’Shannon extended range tip tanks add 40 gallons of fuel capacity as well as bestowing an increase in maximum gross weight, raising the available useful load by a net of 150 pounds—regardless of whether you want to carry additional fuel in the tips or pack 150 pounds more in the cabin.

Available environmental-systems, upgrades include G&D thermal pane window inserts, a Rosen Sun visor system and, coming soon, an air-conditioning system that can run during takeoff, weighs 20 pounds less than the current system, and eliminates its belly scoop—while adding an estimated 4 knots to cruise speed.

Finally, a unique Bonanza Extra paint scheme is also available.

Depending on the amount of work performed, the upgrades require from 90 to 120 days and work is performed at any Hawker Beechcraft authorized service center.

A total makeover with all the options would cost about $140,000, according to Mike Turner, Hawker Beechcraft manager of product marketing.

The Bonanza Extra is on display at the NBAA booth (465, Main Aircraft Display), and Hawker Beechcraft representatives will be on hand to answer questions about the program there or at the Hawker Beechcraft booths (322-328; 339-345 Main Aircraft Display).


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