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Mike Ostrander completed his 1000th landing at Airventure 2011 which was his 40th EAA convention.  Photo courtesy Mike Ostrander.

Mike Ostrander expects to pass a significant milestone at EAA AirVenture 2011: his 1,000th landing in his 1984 Quicksilver MX Sprint ultralight.

“It seems to be a silly thing to track,” Ostrander said, “but there’s an entry [in my logbook] for it, so I did!”

A longtime EAA AirVenture attendee and past president of Ultralight Chapter 30 in Rantoul, Illinois, Ostrander is but one of the owners and pilots flying the 15,000 examples of Quicksilver aircraft built since conception of the original design.

Recognized as the most popular ultralight aircraft ever, Quicksilvers of all shapes, sizes, and colors are expected here at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 as part of a special salute.

“This year the Ultralight & Light-Sport Aircraft Council was looking at what they could do to generate more interest in ultralights,” EAA Senior Aviation Specialist Timm Bogenhagen said, “and it was decided that we should honor the Quicksilver.

“Quicksilver has been selling ultralights since the mid-’70s, and there have been more Quicksilvers bought and sold, and used to train ultralight pilots, than any other ultralight…When you look at it, [the Quicksilver] looks like an ultralight. Open frame, simple, basic flying machine.”

Space directly in front of the Ultralight Barn is dedicated to Quicksilver parking this year. Spaces were beginning to fill with planes Sunday, including a group of three arriving at EAA AirVenture after a long cross-country flight originating in Illinois.

Special activities planned over the course of this week include a forum presented by Quicksilver owner Walt Snyder. Snyder spent more than 600 hours in his airplane exploring the lower 48 states.

His talk, titled “America in a Quicksilver,” is scheduled at four different times.

During the ultralight flight session following Friday’s air show, pilots will present their craft in “Quicksilvers in Review.” Bogenhagen expects flying examples of the type from the early MX up through the latest, and largest—the GT 500.

Quicksilver Manufacturing continues to make seven versions of the venerable Bob Lovejoy design, including variations used for surveillance and for agricultural spraying.

In support of the salute the kit builder is giving away daily prizes to Quicksilver pilots bringing an aircraft to the fly-in.


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