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It’s a light-sport aircraft made to do aerobatics.

It’s the Snap, and the production prototype is making its debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011.

“It is available to the general public, but it’s not our intention to market it to the low-time sport pilot,” said Bill Canino, CEO of Sportair USA, the American marketer and distributor of the Dallair FR-100 Snap! “Its purpose is as a lightweight alternative in the (aerobatic) market.”

While it is flyable by any certificated pilot, with or without a current medical certificate, the Snap can easily be flown to, during, and from an aerobatic competition, he said.

It is designed to be certifiable as experimental-exhibition, special light-sport aircraft, or experimental light-sport aircraft and will meet FAA Part 23 aerobatic standards including +6/-3 wing loading.

Canino said the single-seat taildragger, with a low wing and a bubble canopy, offers several benefits over traditional aerobatic planes, including lower initial and operating costs. But it is also competitive with a fuel-efficient 130-hp competition engine, built by EPA Power on a Rotax 900 series base—with electronic fuel injection, inverted oil system, four-into-one exhaust, and more.

The Snap has a 4130 steel tubing fuselage with aluminum wings and spars and carbon fiber ailerons that run the length of the trailing edge of the wing, he said. The upper half of the plane is carbon fiber, and the whole top can be exposed for easier inspections.

“It’s like being back in a fighter,” Canino said.

“The roll rate and maneuverability is fabulous, and flying formation is effortless. It’s agile to handle, flexible, and not at all difficult to land.”

Canino said testing and documentation is ongoing to document entry speeds appropriate for each aerobatic maneuver.

The first production aircraft for the American market will be available in 2012, Canino said, and the plane should be ATSM certified before the Sebring Expo in January 2012.

The cost is $149,500 for the first five production models and $182,000 for others.

Snap! Specifications

Fuel tanks

  • Main, acro and wing - 24 gallons

(Experimental category, constant-speed prop)

Never exceed: VNE - 180 knots
Max continuous: VH - 162 knots
Cruise speed: VC - 130 knots
Max endurance - 3.5 hours
Max range - 455 nm
Stall speed - 49 knots


Takeoff ground roll - 330 feet
Takeoff over 50-foot obstacle - 460 feet
Landing ground roll - 920 feet
Landing over 50-foot obstacle - 1,400 feet


Wingspan - 24.3 feet
Wing surface area - 90 square feet
Aspect ratio - 6
Mean chord - 3.852 feet
Length - 20.8 feet
Max height - 5.93 feet
Wheel track - 5.91 feet


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