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Story and photo by MEGHAN PLUMMER
Dave Pascoe, founder and CEO of LiveATC.net, shows off LiveATC’s AirVenture setup.

While some people are lucky enough to experience AirVenture in person, others spend the week wishing they could. With LiveATC, the unlucky ones can get a bit closer. For four years, LiveATC.net, which streams live air traffic control from more than 450 airports, has allowed AirVenture enthusiasts to tune in to 33 different Oshkosh-related frequencies from Milwaukee Approach to Fisk VFR Approach to both the North and South towers right here on the grounds. Typically John F. Kennedy International Airport garners the most daily Live ATC listeners, but for one week a year, Oshkosh takes over.

“If you add up all the Oshkosh feeds, they’re just obliterating everyone else,” said Dave Pascoe, LiveATC founder and CEO.

According to Pascoe, at any given moment Oshkosh averages about 500 listeners from all over the globe.

And LiveATC fans often chime in on Twitter to show their appreciation for the service.

“Most of them are just ecstatic,” Pascoe said. “People feel like they’re here.”

Twitter user Donald Frison said he listens while stuck at work. “With @liveatc I can still be present at work, but attending #OSH11 in spirit,” he tweeted.

Scott Northcutt (@Scott_N4JN) said he tunes in to the combined North/South Tower stream from Alabama. “Between Twitter, liveatc and the podcasts I subscribe to, [it’s] vaguely like being there,” he tweeted.

An online pre-departure briefing
In addition to tuning in just to take part in all the fun, some people listen to prepare for their flight into the congested airspace. “I’ve been listening all week to gear up for flying into #OSH11,” Dave Sterling (@LEGO_Geek) tweeted.

Throughout the year, Pascoe takes the airport with him through the LiveATC app, available for iPhone and Android. “The background music on my [bicycle] rides is LiveATC,” he said.

By listening to the streams from airports all over the country, Pascoe said pilots can learn better communication skills and be more ready to fly into unfamiliar airspace.

His goal is to have LiveATC coverage at every active airport in the world.

Overall, the biggest enemy of LiveATC is power outages due to bad weather, which caused problems with the AirVenture stream in the past. So far, there haven’t been any outages in the Oshkosh streams this year, so aviation geeks have had nonstop access to the unique things heard at the “World’s Busiest Airport.”

As Airplanista magazine (@Airplanista) tweeted, “Where else but #OSH11 and @liveatc can you hear ‘flight of three L-39s and the Yaks, follow the B-25?’”


FUTURE AIRVENTURE DATES: 2014: July 28-Aug. 3; 2015: July 20-26; 2016: July 25-31; 2017: July 24-30
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