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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed SAM Aircraft: The Modern-Retro LSA is Born
Canadian company SAM Aircraft (formerly Haim Aviation) is offering a $10,000 discount on its new SAM LSA kit this week at AirVenture.

By Marino Boric, EAA European Correspondent

For all those who always wanted the golden age airplane look but interpreted in a modern manner and using new technologies, here is an interesting new offer called SAM. The Canadian manufacturer SAM Aircraft (formerly Haim Aviation) is showing the SAM-a modern interpretation of an old airplane-in the North Aircraft Display, Booth 626.

"It's a real prototype, not a mock-up," said Thierry Zibi, owner.

SAM Aircraft was founded in France in 2007 and relocated to Canada in 2009. Zibi designed a modern retro LSA that is making its world premier this week. SAM was designed to be compliant with LSA ASTM standards and the Canadian AULA standards. It is a classic-looking tandem, low-wing standard or tricycle gear monoplane that can accommodate-according to the manufacturer-two 6-foot, 6-inch pilots in a 26-inch wide cabin. SAM has a semi-monocoque structure using a 4130 steel protection cage, covered with aluminum skins.

Three different models will be manufactured based on the same fuselage but will have different outboard wing segments. The common inner-wing portion is rectangular for ease of construction; the individual outboard portion features 3 degrees dihedral. The customer can choose the model optimized for cross-country, short field, or high-lift characteristics. With three wing configurations (cross-country-CC, STOL, standard-LS), the SAM will be produced as both an S-LSA (the LS and STOL versions) and an experimental (CC version).

Three different wings mean three different wingspans: LS 28.5 feet (model on display), STOL 31.8 feet, and CC 25.2 feet. SAM wings are removable for long-term storage.

During the AirVenture launch, the SAM LS introductory price is $125,000 (which reflects a $10,000 show discount), and every customer will receive a leather interior, optional 6.00-6 tires, and a 7-inch Dynon display for the passenger at no additional cost. All firm orders placed at the show, accompanied by a $2,000 deposit, will also receive a new vintage-look leather flying helmet with protective glass lenses.

Besides the ready-to-fly version, a kit will be available. The only engine option at launch is the Rotax 912S.


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