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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed Rotax 912iS Aircraft Engine Now ASTM Certified
Rotax 912iS
Christian Mundigler of Rotax and Ben Russ of Rockwell Collins during the press conference on Tuesday.
Rotax 912iS

By Marino Boric, EAA European Correspondent

BRP's Rotax announced Tuesday that its new 912iS aircraft engines are now certified according to ASTM standards.

This certification is necessary for the roll-out of the engine in important markets worldwide.

"Some of the aircraft OEMs are now installing the new 912iS engine, which is an evolution of the proven Rotax 912 engine family," commented François Tremblay, Rotax director. He claimed the engine delivers 38 to 70 percent better fuel efficiency than comparable competitive engines in the LSA, ultralight, and GA industry.

BRP-Powertrain introduced the 912iS last March in Gunskirchen, Austria. The "i" stands for electronic fuel injection, added to Rotax's well-known 100-hp, four-cylinder workhorse, along with an automotive-style digital engine control unit (ECU).

First units of the new Rotax 912iS engine had been shipped for demo installations at end of 2011. Christian Mundigler, Rotax manager, noted that nearly 200 engines have been built so far, with more than 150 shipped to the airplane manufacturers.

All engines delivered prior ASTM certification will get the ASTM conformity statement and the respective ASTM sticker. Last week, prior a summer plant shut-down, hundreds of letters with certification documents were sent out. Engines must be installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with the provisions, limitations, and instructions of the applicable BRP-approved publications and continuing airworthiness instructions.

With more than 170,000 engines sold in almost 40 years, Rotax aircraft engines dominate the light-sport and ultralight aircraft industry. With 20 authorized distributors and a network of more than 200 sales and repair centers, BRP supports customers worldwide and supplies engines to more than 80 percent of all aircraft manufacturers in its segment.

See the Rotax exhibit at booths 265-267 on Celebration Way or visit www.FlyRotax.com for more information.


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