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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed PAT Avionics Debuts Affordable HUD For Experimental Market
PAT Avionics HUD
An experimental airplane can feel like in a bizjet with PAT's new HUD.

By Marino Boric, EAA Europe Correspondent

Until now, head-up displays (HUD) were something for military, airline, or executive jets. Head-up display systems make flying easier and safer for pilots, but they have been out of reach of the typical GA pilot and even more so for experimental customers.

PAT Avionics from Milan/Italy is debuting its G-HULP HUD at AirVenture this week—which it calls affordable and within reach of the average low-time pilot who is not able to spend the amount that you would have to put down for the average family sedan.

You can see the new HUD at Booth 4128 in Garmin Exhibit Hangar D, Aisle B. Experimental and LSA pilots can now monitor in-flight information without taking their eyes off the sky to read the instrument panel, averting one of the biggest dangers in the cockpit.

"Head-up display technology was originally developed by the military because they realized it was a safer way for pilots to fly while making split-second decisions," said Marco Mille, PAT Avionics chief technology officer. "After three years of research and development, now that same technology is finally available and affordable."

The new unit is the first product of its kind, and it allows pilots to easily monitor their airplane's important information, such as airspeed, altitude, and course data projected on a transparent glass display right in front of their eyes.

The whole G-HULP system consists of two component blocks: hardware and software. The hardware has four elements: central processing unit, laser projector, image RX (special glass with flexible frame on which the laser image is displayed), and the control panel.

The software consists of the HUP or ATR brick. The HUP brick module elaborates data acquired from third-party avionics systems (such as the Dynon SkyView) and graphically visualizes the data through a laser. The ATR brick is an inertial platform designed and developed to elaborate and process all air and attitude data if not acquired from third-party avionics.

The HUD laser projector comes in two versions: G-HULP Stand Alone and G-HULP for Dynon SkyView.

"It is affordable, lightweight, energy-efficient and is very easy to use," Mille said. "Plus the readability with the new HUD glass is excellent, even in bright daylight."

And for those in the United States who criticize companies for outsourcing work overseas, this Italian company is doing the same thing—but in the opposite direction; PAT Avionics just announced a move of its production facilities from Italy to America.

Price for the stand-alone unit is $5,999, while the G-HULP for Dynon SkyView is priced at $4,999. All orders placed here this week or online receive a 10 percent discount through the end of the month, with free delivery included.

Visit PAT Avionics in Garmin Exhibit Hangar D, or visit www.PATavio.it.


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