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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed BRP Rotax Adds New Warranty Programs
Christian Mundliger explains the fuel savings of the 912iS fuel injected engine at the Rotax Extended Terms programs. (photo by Marino Boric)

By Marino Boric

July 30, 2013 - BRP announced to the LSA community and Rotax engine owners its latest series of warranties, starting with a little REST.

That is, the Rotax Extended Service Terms, two new warranties that show the confidence the company has in its new engines.

BRP plans two new warranty extension programs for owners of a 912 engine:

  • The 1-Year Plus program that includes a one-year warranty extension or 200 additional flight hours, whichever comes first, and
  • And the Full TBO program that covers three years reaching the TBO or 2,000 flight hours, whichever comes first.

This program will be offered to all customers who have a four-stroke Rotax engine that is already covered by a warranty. Further details about the REST program will be released on October 1, and it will be effective from that date on.

With more than 170,000 Rotax aircraft engines sold in almost 40 years, Rotax aircraft engines dominate the light-sport and ultralight aircraft market.

Of these 170,000 units, more than 46,000 are four-stroke engines of the popular Rotax 912/914 family.

With 19 authorized distributors and a network of more than 200 sales and repair centers supporting customers worldwide, BRP supplies engines to more than 80 percent of all aircraft manufacturers in its segment.

Look for more at www.FlyRotax.com.

Lockwood appointed distributor for Rotax EMS Integra
The BRP Rotax long-term partner TL Elektronic was chosen to supply a Rotax-approved digital engine monitoring system (EMS). Lockwood Aviation Supply announced its appointment as the U.S. distributor for the Rotax EMS Integra for the new fuel-injected Rotax 912 iS.

The Rotax EMS (part number 886 859) features a seven-inch color LCD screen pre-configured to display all information that Rotax wants users to see for proper operation of the 912 iS. It integrates all primary engine instruments including engine tachometer, fuel flow, fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature, cylinder head temperature, oil and water temperature, fuel level, voltmeter, ammeter, timer, throttle position, ambient air temperature, and more.

"With the Rotax brand you can be assured that the unit has been fully tested and approved to work flawlessly with the new CAN bus interface included with the fuel-injected Rotax 912 iS," said John Hurst, director of sales and technology for Lockwood Aviation Supply.

The Integra EMS is delivered with mounting frame, backup battery, manuals, warranty card, and connectors set. Optional sensors include fuel pressure (recommended for the 912 iS), ammeter shunt, and fuel level sensors. Suggested retail price for the Rotax Integra is $3,348.

"Our customers can now enjoy peace of mind and the superior compatibility provided by a genuine Rotax engine monitoring system to interface with the 912 iS integrated computer," Hurst said.

The Rotax EMS Integra will be at the Lockwood display at AirVenture Oshkosh 2013, Hangar B, Booth 2008.

For more information visit www.Lockwood.aero.


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