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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed MW Fly - New Italian LSA/Experimental Engine Manufacturer on the U.S. Market
MW Fly engine
The 150-hp MW Fly engine is installed in the Canadian Bush Caddy airframe that is now appointed the MW Fly importer. (photo by Marino Boric)

By Marino Boric, EAA Correspondent Europe

August 1, 2013 - Italian engine manufacturer MW Fly is debuting its full line of Aeropower engines rated from 95 to 150 hp at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013.

MW engines are designed and manufactured in Italy, and according to the manufacturer the new engine line is a clean sheet design and is solely being designed for use in aircraft.

Almost 10 years ago, two Italian engineers, Guido Fantini and Stefano Marella, started from scratch and designed a new, modern aircraft engine that had safety and fuel efficiency as the primary design objectives. In 2004 the first two prototypes were running on a dyno and the engine was first flown in 2006.

All MW Fly engines are flat four cylinder, water-cooled, and feature dual-electronic fuel injection, integrated reduction gear, dual fully redundant fuel pumps, and ECUs.

The engines now also include new engine-monitoring instruments developed by P.A.T. Avionics. The HSA-M engine health status annunciator provides comprehensive information on engine temp, oil pressure, fuel pump, dual battery option, generator, and ECU health.

It even tells the pilot when the engine is ready for takeoff.

P.A.T. Avionics has also developed a new electro-hydraulic prop governor PROP-M that automatically sets prop pitch for best performance in all flight phases for experimental aircraft. The device can be operated in automatic or manual mode.

The Canadian Bush Caddy is the first kit manufacturing company to offer the new engine and instruments in North America.

The proprietary digital health system annunciator developed by P.A.T. Avionics (HSA) now ships with each engine. The average fuel consumption of the 130-hp engine is according to the manufacturer (mogas or 100LL) approximately 5 gallons an hour at 75 percent power.

By mid 2013 the Italian engine manufacturer MW Fly had sold almost 100 engines, about 70 of which are now flying in Europe and South Africa.

This year promises to be an important milestone for the young company with the planned introduction of the B25R, rated at 150 hp at 4550 rpm from a 2.5-liter displacement.

Other MW Fly engines (95, 115, 130 hp) have 2.0-liter displacement. Total weight of the 150 hp engine is 185 pounds with all necessary components for proper engine operation such as the oil and water tank, electronic control unit (ECU), generator, and starter.

Following introduction of the normally aspirated B25R, the company plans to launch the turbocharged version by the end of 2013, according to engine designer Stefano Marella. MW Fly intends to present by the year's end a clockwise-turning variant of its engines (the engines now turn counterclockwise).

Another important point for rotorcraft builders: MW Fly has developed and is testing a helicopter engine version with a clutch - now installed in a new Italian/Swiss design. MW Fly engines and P.A.T. Avionics instruments have already been mounted on a number of experimental aircraft and rotorcraft in Europe, Russia, and South Africa and have proven reliable and efficient.

In Europe the engine lineup is getting raving reviews by customers.

The engines and instruments are on display at AirVenture at Booth 459. For more information visit www.MWFly.it and www.PATavionics.com.


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