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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed Strong Czech Manufacturer Presence at AirVenture 2013
Czech Republic Ambassador and pilot Petr Gandalovic
Czech Republic Ambassador and pilot Petr Gandalovic told the audience at a Thursday press conference that his government still believes in the U.S. market. (photo by Marino Boric)

By Marino Boric, European Correspondent

August 1, 2013 - A burgeoning aviation presence from the Czech Republic drew a visit to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 by the nation's ambassador - who hailed the advances of his nation's industry in the American market Thursday.

"I am very proud of Czech manufacturer achievement on the LSA market in the USA," said Czech Ambassador Petr Gandalovic - a pilot himself.

Nine Czech companies are exhibitors this year at Oshkosh, covering a wide variety of aviation products - from brake pads and LSA, to instruments and rescue systems, props to jet engines, noted Jan Fridrich, vice president of foreign affairs, industry, and Internal audit.

Lubomir Vit, sales manager of SKYLEADER aircraft, manufactured by JIHLAVAN Airplanes s.r.o., introduced the SL600 aircraft, a Rotax-powered machine designed with a spacious cockpit specifically for the U.S. LSA market. This aircraft can be ordered through the new U.S. distributor, Amelia Light Sport Aviation Co.

Lukas Prazan, sales manager of TL Elektronic Inc., debuted new versions of the Integra glass cockpit with a bigger 9-inch display.

Seven- and 9-inch Integras will also be available as Rotax licensed products for Rotax 912iS engines. A new combined version sports simultaneous EFIS and engine management system capability. All Rotax-branded units are available for purchase through Lockwood Aviation while non-branded equipment is available at Aircraft Spruce.

Matthew Harvey, vice president sales and marketing at Czech Sport Aircraft, said, "AirVenture 2013 has proved to be a huge success for us. We have sold two aircraft and signed a new order for two SportCruiser SVAP+ that will be shipped by the end of the year. In addition, we have announced the first SportCruiser Flight & Distribution Center located in Addison (Texas) and achieved a major milestone in the SportCruiser SportShares program."

Milan Mach, sales director of Evektor-Aerotechnik introduced the SportStar EPOS (electric-powered small aircraft), a derivative of SportStar RTC, and presented the concept of a future two-seat sport aircraft first presented at AERO 2013 in Germany.

The SportStar EPOS, powered by a 50-kW electric motor, is aerodynamically optimized and equipped with a new trapezoidal extended-span wing. The EPOS already has logged four flight hours in 10 flights. The electric-powered unit is also suitable for gliders, motorized trikes, or powered parachutes.

The objective is to develop an aircraft that can be used both by private customers and flight schools for initial pilot training.

Evektor-developed sport airplanes include the EuroStar and SportStar, the four-seat VUT100 Cobra, and multipurpose commuter airplane EV-55 Outback.

Igor Brunclik from Avia Propeller mentioned that his company has already been in the U.S. market for 20 years.

The fruits of the cooperation between Sonex and PBS Velka Bites, the jet engine manufacturer, was visible during the air show when Bob Carlton flew the SubSonex.

Spacek-Product - GOLDfren is the largest manufacturer of metal-ceramic based brake pads in Europe for UL, LSA, and GA aircraft. The company is targeting the U.S. market now.

Zlin Aviation - represented in the U.S. by Sport Air USA - debuted two new LSAs: the Savage Bobber and Zlin Cub-S.

You can find more info about the Czech manufacturers at Hangar C, Booth 3071A.


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